Next Generation Technology

Our teams designed our technology to be versatile and flexible enabling Hantec Precision to create and alter manufacturing for multitudes of world class investment casting products at lowest cost.

Tailor made technology for
Investment Casting

Working with industry experts and leading academics, we have developed and deployed customized sets of manufacturing modules to create a bespoke and versatile investment casting production line.


  • SHELL BUILDING - Fully robotic shell building module reduces time needed by 80%.
  • CASTING - Coordinated robotic casting module increases capacity to more than 70 pours per day.
  • FINISHING - Co-intelligence robotic finishing module enhances capacity by 300%

Robotic Modules

Robotic Shell Building

Robotic Investment

Our automated robotic shell building modules are designed to rapidly repeat series of coating, stuccoing, and hardening. These modules can work either series or in parallel.

Robotic Casting

Robotic Casting

At the heart of our production line is the corbot (coordinated robotic) furnace and casting module. Robots work in symphony to provide continuous production with less down time.

Robotic Finishing

Robotic Finishing

When required, multiple sets of robotic arms work with our experts as a co-intelligence module to perfect the surfaces. These work either in series or in parallel.  

Other Technology

Pattern Making


Heat Treatment

Responsible Adoption

In keeping with our commitment of being a good local and global citizen, each adoption of new technology is accompanied by upskilling of our workforce. A local workforce of artisans and engineers in tandem with conscientious upkeep of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods is key to our sustainable development in Taiwan.

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